Female Travel

Hi! I’m Linda, and yes, I’m very curious about everything:-) I grew up in Southern California and didn’t get to travel much until about 2005. That’s when my husband, who has since passed, and I took a trip to Europe. It was the most wonderful experience. My husband had lived in Europe in his early 20’s and was anxious to show me around. Finally! We went to London, Paris, all over Italy, Venice and Frankfort. Then, I went to work in the advertising industry and found myself winning trips! Yes, I won trips to Whistler, the Bahamas, Tahiti & South Beach. After my husband passed away in 2012, I went to Chile with a friend. Love, love, love Chile. I had the travel bug real bad but didn’t really have anyone to travel with. I never in a million years thought that I would travel alone. Especially outside the United States! Who wanted to travel alone? That didn’t sound like fun. But…I wanted to travel and didn’t have anyone to go with me. That’s when I started getting involved with Instagram. Wow! Look at all those females who are traveling the world and doing it by themselves! I thought, if they can do it, I can too. So, I did. I went to Belize and Guatemala. Was I nervous? Very! But, I did my homework and felt confident that I would be okay. About one week before I was to leave to go to Belize, an American female reporter was murdered in Belize right where I was going to be staying. Yikes! Panic! I made several phones calls to the connections I had made in Belize. Was it safe for me to be travelling to Belize alone? They all assured me that I would be fine but not to travel outside my hotel by myself. Well, I had to change my plans in a hurry. I had originally book a room in Belize City. That is not where a single women should stay. I found that out before the news of the women who was murdered. I changed my hotel to one that my shuttle driver owned but I would have to walk to town for breakfast and dinner. So, that didn’t sound like a good idea anymore. At the last minute I was on the lookout for a hotel that had a restaurant inside. Not many to choose from, especially a week before my trip. But, I found one! San Ignacio Resort Hotel. No rooms were available on their website, so I called them and emailed them. They had a small room available that was not advertised. The price was right, not that it mattered now, so I took it. Long story, sort of short, I had a blast! Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So now, I travel either alone, with my granddaughter, with a friend, my sister and currently I am about to join We Are Travel Girls in Bali for an all women’s retreat. So, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you have any doubts or concerns about traveling without a partner, don’t. Please reach out to me. Send me an email and we can chat.