about-me-photoHi Everyone! I’m Linda and yes I am very curious about everything. I grew up in Southern California and didn’t get to travel much until about 10 years ago. That’s when I had retired early from the grocery industry and tried my hand at selling advertising. I loved it! So much so that I won a trip to Whistler Canada my first year. In my approximately 7 years in advertising I had been on 5 company won trips. Then 5 years ago, my husband (who has since passed away) and I finally went to Europe. We had talked about going to Europe since the first day we met on the beach in Dana Point, California in 1977. After my husband passed I dated someone for a couple of years. We went to Chile together in 2014. I was hooked on travel now. Then I found myself all alone again with a very big broken heart. I had never dreamt of traveling by myself. But, if I wanted to travel (and not just with anybody) I had to do it alone. So, I took my first solo trip to Belize and Guatemala earlier this year. It was spectacular! I recently got hooked on Instagram, and well, the rest is history. I’ve found a lot of inspiration from some pretty good travel bloggers. I was astonished by how many followers they had and all the fabulous places they were constantly going to . I wanted to be like them. So, here I go. I’m new at all of this but let’s see how it all transpires. I hope you will like what I do and decide to follow me along my journey. It’s a work in progress right now. Love~Linda